Brilliant Idea Software, LLC

The developers, employees and partner consultants at Brilliant Idea Software have decades of experience and expertise in the areas of data collection, consolidations, planning and analysis. Having designed and implemented hundreds of systems for Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 corporations worldwide, they understand the challenges facing business enterprises in today’s 21st century global economy.

As Brilliant Idea Software’s Founder, President and CEO, Russ Damske is responsible for leading advisory and implementation services in reporting, analysis, and technical solutions. As a CPA and MBA, Russ has over 35 years of experience in various consolidation and reporting related positions – both on the business side and with leading technology companies like Cartesis and Hyperion Solutions. His depth of experience as a manager and an individual contributor in BI/BPM consulting, software development, pre-sales and product marketing provide the domain expertise necessary for Brilliant Idea Software’s customers to successfully deploy applications and technologies for improving business performance.

An MBA with more than 40 years’ experience in a variety of capacities, Len Bradshaw is responsible for Brilliant Idea Software’s product marketing and positioning. In addition to having served as Systems Implementation Project Manager of Business Performance Management solutions at both Hyperion and InterTech Solutions, Len was successful in launching various product and service offerings as Director of Business Development. In his spare time, he volunteers as Communications and Public Relations Officer for his local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans organization.